Monday, March 25, 2013

Chicago VM Highlights

In February I visited Chicago with a friend. We called it the "dream" trip. She was going for love....and I was along for much needed inspiration! There were a few discoveries I will highlight such as Nordstrom's Bridal Shop (a serious departure from the rest of Nordstrom), amazing use of COLOR at Barneys and Alexis Bittar, interrupting ART at Helen Yi, the new flagship Moncler, Scotch & Soda, FIXTURES at Bonpoint, and (still relevant although since changed) Louis Vuitton and Chanel windows. I like Chicago, however it truly is the middle sister between NY and LA. I hope that when I return in April there will be more to "take home" from a city that sometimes seems to be trying to get out of it's own shadow. Although we left with a bag stolen and no butterflies in our stomachs....I will always love the Midwest. I believe in you Chicago!!!


ABSOLUTELY love the color "hooks" creating a beautiful composition with the shadowbox vitrines. However, where are the necklaces in the vitrines?

 The style was a bit Anthropologie with props of garden statues and touches of paint splatters.




 Fur over risers? Absolutely!


 These wire fixtures are delicate and whimsical - can I buy one?!

GREAT idea for a boys room. 


Some may be bothered about the fact that this piece of art was resting on the floor right smack in front of the display. My thought is that as long as the product can be reached and sold - and highlighted - the visual is alright with me!!


THIS green is mouthwatering. 

I'm crazy about the way that Barneys uses designs and patterns from the actual apparel to emulate and use as their "visual" statements and decor.



This display makes me fall in love with visual all over again. Beautiful color, creative merchandising, clever "fixture", surreal, memorable, and well... perfect.


 Who can resist this guy?! I had to end with him. What's more Midwest than a cow??

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